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                Torginol of America, Inc.

                In the early 1950's, L. N. Pearson traveled to Germany and licensed the rights to manufacture, distribute and market an innovative new resin-based seamless flooring system under the trademark TORGINOL®. As a subsidiary of Torginol Industries, Pearson incorporated his new venture under the name Torginol of America, Inc.

                After only a few years, Torginol of America, Inc. went public and became a nationwide company with six distribution centers and hundreds of dealers strategically located throughout the United States.
                  Peterson Chemical Corporation

                By the mid-1960s, Torginol of America, Inc. began to experience financial trouble and ended up divesting it's trademark, formulations and assets.  In 1969, Donald Peterson, an epoxy chemist and owner of Peterson Chemical Corp., a Sheboygan, Wisconsin based chemical coating manufacturer, purchased the rights to the TORGINOL® trademark, as well as some of the assets and formulations to produce ColorFlakes™ and different types of seamless flooring systems.
                  Torginol, Inc.

                Then, in 1972, Darold Bell, a Sheboygan, Wisconsin entrepreneur, purchased Peterson Chemical Corp. and operated the company as a family business for the next 30 years, eventually selling the company to his daughter, Kristin Bell-Abell.  By 1992, the brand awareness of Peterson Chemical Corp. had dwindled and the Bell Family officially changed the company name to Torginol, Inc..  During this period, Torginol served two core markets, including: 1) the manufacturing, training and specifying of seamless flooring systems for various commercial, industrial and residential applications; and 2) the manufacturing of epoxy resin paints for military equipment and other specialty OEM applications.



                In 2001, Torginol, Inc. was purchased by Tom Testwuide, Jr., a Sheboygan, Wisconsin industrialist, who currently serves as president and managing director.  By 2003, after over 30 years of promoting complete seamless flooring systems, Testwuide decided to focus exclusively on manufacturing and marketing decorative materials for resinous flooring systems, including: polymer ColorFlakes™, quartz ColorGranules™, natural ColorMicas™, metallic ColorPigments™ and polyester ColorGlitters™.

                Torginol (12)

                New Age ColorFlakes™ - 25lbs (11.34kg) Box


                New Age ColorFlakes™ - 40lbs Box


                Traditional ColorFlakes™ - 25lbs (11.34kg) Box


                Sophisticated ColorFlakes™ - 25lbs (11.34kg) Box


                Insignia ColorFlakes™ - 25lbs (11.34kg) Box


                Earth Tones ColorFlakes™ - 25lbs (11.34kg) Box


                Traditional ColorFlakes™ - 40lbs Box


                Sophisticated ColorFlakes™ - 40lbs Box


                Insignia ColorFlakes™ - 40lbs Box

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