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Single iSEG: Husqvarna-Compatible Diamond Grinding Plate for Superior Concrete Preparation
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Single iSEG: Husqvarna-Compatible Diamond Grinding Plate for Superior Concrete Preparation


Experience the power of the Single iSEG: A versatile diamond tool designed for efficient grinding of concrete surfaces. Compatible with Husqvarna-style grinders, the iSEG offers a range of grits and bonds to suit any project, ensuring optimal surface preparation for coatings.


  • Wide Range of Grits: Available in 16 grit (true diamond), 30 grit, 70 grit, and 120 grit to match the specific needs of your concrete surface.
  • Multiple Bond Options: Choose from Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard-Bond to achieve the perfect grinding intensity.
  • Optimal Scratch Profile: Leaves a consistent scratch pattern with no rogue scratches or gouges, ideal for coating applications.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Engineered with a durable metal alloy and high-quality diamonds for a long wear rate and consistent results.
  • Fast Selling: Due to its popularity and effectiveness, the iSEG sells quickly, but we replenish our stock rapidly to meet demand.


  • Versatile Grinding: Perfect for grinding hard to very hard concrete surfaces, including surface leveling and coating removal.
  • Surface Preparation: Achieves a ready-for-coating concrete surface profile without the need for polishing.
  • Adaptable to Your Needs: With a variety of grits and bonds, the iSEG can tackle any concrete grinding project.

The Single iSEG is your go-to tool for efficient and effective concrete grinding. Its range of grits and bonds, combined with its compatibility with Husqvarna-style grinders, make it an essential tool for professionals seeking a perfectly prepared concrete surface.