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Pulse-Bac 552 Bagger PACKAGE
  • SKU: CD103550H-LQ-PKG

Pulse-Bac 552 Bagger PACKAGE



ASCENT 552 • 552H • 576


The new Ascent 500 Expandable Bagger is another Pulse-Bac innovation that rises above the competition. This unit sits in between the 500 Series and the Ascent Pro that combines the great expandable design of the Ascent and minifies it with the head of the 500 Series vacuum head. The expandable design makes it compact for transport and once on the jobsite it ascends upward, delivering the functionality of a Longopac bagger. In the down position the Ascent maneuvers just like a hand truck dolly with large non-marking 8-inch wheels that go over curbs and upstairs with ease. Raise your expectations of what a compact bagger can be with the Ascent 500 Expandable Bagging System.

  • Airflow: 150 or 176 CFM
  • Filtration: HEPA 99.97% @ .3 Microns
  • Dual Stage HEPA (552H)
  • Longopac Bagging System
  • Inlet: 1.5″
  • Expandable Design

Features & Benefits

Ascent 500 Power Options

The Ascent 500 Series is power by the same head units that power the 500 Mark 2 Series and feature the same pinless design. However, unlike the 500 Series, the Ascent heads are fixed to the unit. The heads themselves are identical on the outside and it’s on the inside where the difference is found. The most noticeable difference is the power plant driving the different models.

1050 Motor Illustration


Our 552 offers a significant step up in power and duty-cycle from a big box store style shop vacuum. With 150 CFM and 87″ of Lift, the 552 is great for basic power tools like hand grinders, hammer-drills and can handle smaller concrete saws and miter saws. For many general contractors and tradesmen with smaller jobs, the 552 will be all they could need and more.

1050 Motor Illustration


The 576 power plant is a step up from the 552 and delivers performance in the same range as the lower end of our PRO-Series but in a more compact package. With 176 & 97″ of lift you get serious pro-grade performance. The 576 can provide excellent performance for hand grinders, hammer drills, and other hand tools as well as smaller walk-behind grinders, like edge grinders.

the mechanics of pulse-bac illustration/animation

Self-Cleaning Technology

Everyone has dealt with the trouble that a clogged vacuum filter creates, it takes up valuable time and creates a mess. Pulse-Bac solves this problem with our patented Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology™ that automatically cleans the filter while you work. Others may claim to have “automatic” or “pulse” filter cleaning, but look closely and you’ll see that they fall short of the original, requiring extra equipment like air compressors or manual gadgets that require work to stop for filter cleaning. These don’t truly solve the problem and make for more work. Only vacuums with the Pulse-Bac® name use our unique technology to automatically clean the filter while you work.

playHow it Works

dual-stage HEPA filtration illustration/animation

Single or Dual-Stage HEPA Filtration

The 550H/1050H models provide Dual-Stage HEPA filtration. Dual-Stage filtration models, like all Pulse-Bac vacuums, feature the 5 Point HEPA Filter as an initial stage of filtration and an additional exhaust side HEPA filter. Both the 5 Point Filter and the exhaust side filter are individually tested to meet the 99.97% @ 0.3 microns standard required by most regulations and recommended when working with many materials. In fact, third-party testing of the 550H showed that our 2 stage filtration system actually provided 99.99% @ 0.3µm filtration, exceeding the standard.

automatic tool start logo

Standard Auto Tool Start

Our Automatic Tool Start feature will start the vacuum for you when you start your tool. Plug your tool into the Automatic Tool Start and switch the power button to auto. When your tool activates, the vacuum will turn on automatically. When the tool turns off, the vacuum will run for 3 seconds to clear the hose before it shuts off.

steel beam illustration

Durable Steel Construction

Pulse-Bac® units are made for the rugged conditions of a job-site. We don’t cut cost with molded plastic tanks, cheap electrical components and off-shore manufacturing. With tanks made of 16ga. cold-rolled U.S. steel and a steel assembly covered with by a high impact ABS plastic hood, Pulse-Bac® is made to keep working even in the most punishing conditions. Even details like wheels are heavy duty, non-marking polyurethane casters, instead of molded plastic wheels on thin spindles. Add the fact that every Pulse-Bac is assembled by hand in our facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and you’ve got quality you can’t beat.

easy empty bagger

Easy Empty System

The Revolution 360 Bagger option features our patented Easy Empty Valve System. When the valve is opened to release the collected material into the bag, our specially designed vent ports allow air to continue to flow into the vacuum. This airflow stops dust from escaping and allows the vacuum to continue to run without the bag being sucked up into the canister. Once the debris has been dumped, you can tie off the Longopac® bag, remove it and start a new bag, without ever shutting off the vacuum.

longpac bagger

Longopac Bagging

Popular with contractors in many fields, the Longopac endless bagging system provides a quick, dust-free bagging solution that has never worked better now that it is paired with Pulse-Bac’s patented Easy Empty Valve system.

cyclonic debris management

Cyclonic Debris Management

The Cyclonic Debris Management system comes standard on all vacuum tanks, extenders, and preseparators. Our CDM system works with our pulsing technology and prevents upwards of 90% of dust and debris from ever reaching the filter. The CDM system stops dust and debris from constantly cycling up to the filters and holds it at the bottom of the tank until discarded.


Model CFM Lift HEPA Collection Weight Current Voltage
ASCENT 552 150 87" Single-Stage Ascent Bagger NA 12.5/6.6A 110V/220V
ASCENT 576 176 97" Single-Stage Ascent Bagger NA 12.2A 110V