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Pall-X Whiteseal
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Pall-X Whiteseal


Discover the transformative power of PALL-X WHITESEAL, a premier single-component waterborne sealer designed to enrich and protect your wood flooring. With its innovative formula, PALL-X WHITESEAL not only seals raw or stained wood but also imparts a distinctive white/arctic appearance, enhancing the natural beauty of most wood species. This product is the perfect solution for achieving a modern, light aesthetic while providing a durable layer of protection.


  • Versatile Use: Especially ideal for lighter color wood species, PALL-X WHITESEAL accentuates the natural charm with a unique arctic finish.
  • Exotic Wood Compatibility: Safe and effective for exotic wood species, ensuring that even the most unique floors can achieve a desirable untreated wood appearance.
  • Untreated Wood Look: Perfect for projects where maintaining the look of untreated wood is paramount, offering protection without compromising on style.

Key Properties:

  • Efficiency and Ease: Fast-drying and easy to apply, PALL-X WHITESEAL streamlines the sealing process, proving to be very forgiving even for less experienced users.
  • Superior Penetration: Its formula ensures good penetration and filling, effectively minimizing the risk of sidebonding and ensuring a uniform finish.
  • Arctic Wood Appearance: Reacts with the wood to provide a stunning arctic appearance, transforming ordinary wood floors into exquisite statements of style.
  • Abrasibility: Designed to be abraded, this sealer simplifies the process of intercoat abrading finishes, saving valuable time during application.
  • Tannin Blocker Technology: Contains tannin blockers to prevent tannin pull in susceptible wood species like White Oak, ensuring a flawless and consistent finish.

PALL-X WHITESEAL is not just a sealer; it's a way to reimagine your wood flooring with an elegant, protective, and modern finish. Whether you're a professional looking to elevate your flooring projects or a homeowner seeking to refresh your space, PALL-X WHITESEAL offers the perfect blend of protection, beauty, and efficiency.