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Pall-X Clear Sealer
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Pall-X Clear Sealer


Introducing Pall-X Clear, a superior single-component waterborne sealer designed for sealing both raw and stained wood. It adds an essential layer of protection to your flooring. Specially formulated for applications where a clear, light-toned appearance is preferred, Pall-X Clear is the sealer of choice when working with white or pastel stains before applying final coats of finish.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast Drying & Easy Application: Engineered for efficiency, it dries quickly and is straightforward to apply, making it a time-saver and very user-friendly.

  • Clear Finish: Once dry, it remains clear, allowing the natural color and beauty of all wood species to shine through without alteration.

  • Excellent Build & Leveling: Provides an outstanding foundation for Pallmann waterborne finishes, ensuring smooth and even coverage.

  • Abrasibility: Designed for ease of sanding between coats, it effectively reduces the time needed for intercoat abrasion.

  • Superior Penetration & Filling: Exhibits excellent penetration and filling properties, significantly minimizing the risk of side bonding and ensuring a flawless finish.

Pall-X Clear is your go-to solution for achieving a pristine, light-toned look on your floors while ensuring they are well-protected and prepared for finishing touches.