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Bona Nordic Seal
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Bona Nordic Seal


Bona NordicSeal® offers an eco-friendly solution to achieve a Scandinavian, white-washed look on your floors without the need for staining or the use of caustic materials like bleach. It contains twice the amount of white pigment compared to Bona NaturalSeal, ensuring a more pronounced white-washed finish. This waterborne sanding sealer is specially designed to create a range of whitewashed effects, from a light wash to multiple coats for a deeper Scandinavian look. As with all Bona waterborne wood floor sealers, NordicSeal boasts excellent abradability, rapid drying times, and minimizes the risk of side bonding and tannin bleed, making it a safe and efficient choice for enhancing the beauty of your wood floors.

Key Benefits:

  • Whitewashed Look: Achieves a Scandinavian whitewashed appearance on any wood without staining or bleach.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Water-based formula allows for easy clean-up after application.
  • Flexible Application: Can be applied using a T-bar or roller, catering to various application preferences.
  • Effective Sealing: Prevents finish penetration, ensuring a uniform and consistent whitewashed look.