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Florock - FloroSpartic Polyaspartic Systems - 2Gal Kit

Florock - FloroSpartic Polyaspartic Systems - 2Gal Kit

$206.00 $225.38

FloroSpartic Polyaspartic Systems

FloroSpartic coatings are glossy, clear, aliphatic polyaspartics. These light stable, high performance polymeric systems can cure well even in cool conditions and provide outstanding chemical resistance to oil, grease and strong detergents. Ready for foot traffic in less than two hours at 70, the fast cure of FloroSpartic allows many flooring projects to be completed in a single day.


FloroSpartic polyaspartic floor coatings are color-stable and non-yellowing, making them ideal for use in decorative systems incorporating various colored flakes, chips and aggregate blends. At the same time, they offer good tensile and flexural strength, lending FloroSpartic floors excellent resiliency under heavy use. They are a versatile and budget-friendly flooring solution for industrial, institutional and commercial locations, and furnish excellent life cycle value.

All Florock Polymer Flooring meets USDA and FDA requirements. Optional FloroProof Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Mitigation and FloroSeptic Antimicrobial properties are available.


Architectural Specs

Benefits of Choosing Polyaspartic Floors

When assessing different flooring options, consider that FloroSpartic Systems from Florock offer excellent durability, chemical and wear resistance, as well as fast turn-around, even in cooler temperatures. This can enable high performance flooring installation at sites with less than ideal conditions, and under the pressure of todays compressed construction schedules. High quality polyaspartic floors are resistant to UV light and tend to stay true to their original hue at the time of installation. They are available in a variety of standard and custom colors, achieved with the use of Florock Universal Colorants. A variety of slip-resistant aggregate may be incorporated into FloroSpartic flooring, making it a safer option for many different locations.

Low VOC Flooring for Additional Protection

When selecting a floor coating system, it is incumbent upon todays facility owners to be aware of the materials effect on indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ refers to the quality of the air inside facilities and its influence on the health and safety of building occupants. The proliferation of organic contaminants, such as bacteria or other pathogenic microbes, as well as the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from materials within the space, can be detrimental to IAQ. Once fully cured, epoxy and resinous flooring, including our polyaspartic floor coatings, can contribute to good IAQ in a number of important ways.

With the installation of FloroSpartic low VOC flooring, facilities are able to further maintain good IAQ, helping support the well-being of employees as well as visitors frequenting the building.

Where are Polyaspartic Floors Installed?

FloroSpartic polyaspartic floor coatings in Clear can be installed as the primer, basecoat(s), and topcoat(s) in the FloroQuartz and FloroChip Systems, or pigmented as part of the FloroShop System. Our popular polyaspartics also frequently applied as quick curing finish coats over other Florock floors. FloroSpartic is utilized regularly in commercial, industrial and institutional environments where fast turnaround is required, such as:

  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities
  • Vet Clinics and Kennels
  • Laboratory, Research and Educational Settings
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Offices, Concourses and Public Spaces