Prime Shine System

Prime Shine Systems


Carefully manufactured, tried and tested for consistent results.

  At US Abrasives, our tools offer a long life with superior results. With detailed research and development on our tooling line, we are able to provide sustainable results within every stage, from the first prep steps to the final polish one. An added bonus is that our tooling is completely universal, the velcro backing allows for this system to be used on any grinder in a time efficient manner. No need to waste time changing the tools, and bolting them in, simply peel off and change with the next tool in the process! 

SP3 - Surface Prep 3 - Coarse


This tool is to be used if your initial
RA reading is above 300.
Perfect for coarse grinding and made for heavy stock removal. This tool must be used wet, and is made to be used in conjunction with the Prime Shine SHS product.
Made with true diamond grains, this tool offers
Medium to Large Aggregate exposure and
phenomenal wear rates of up to 25,000 sqft. 

SP2 - Surface Prep 2 - Medium


This tool is to be used if your initial RA reading is between 250-300 Perfect for medium grinding and providing a
medium aggregate exposure
This tool must be used wet and has a great wear rate of 

up to 30,000 sqft. 

SP1 - Surface Prep 1 - Fine


This tool is to be used if your initial RA reading is between 150-250 Perfect for light grinding and medium to light salt and pepper aggregate exposure. Offering fantastic wear rates of
up to 35,000 sqft, this tool must also be used wet. 

SP0 - Surface Prep 0 - Matte


This tool is to be used if your initial RA reading is between 100-150 Perfect for light honed grinding and a satin/matte finish
Providing very little depth of clarity, if any, from a distance
Must be used wet, offering a very light salt and pepper exposure And great wear rates of up to 35,000 sqft. 

P1 - Polishing 1 - Light Polish


Begin with this tool if the RA reading is between 40 and 100 Offering a medium shine polished finish, a light reflection will be noticed on the floors surface.
This is closer to a cream finish than a mirror finish. 

With complete passes, north-south pull/push motions, the wear rate is approximately 15,000 sqft.
This tool can be used wet or dry. 

P2 - Polishing 2 - High Polish


Use this tool if your RA reading is under a 40.
To achieve a high shine polished finish,
similar to the reflection of a mirror
Extreme strong levels of clarity without any haze leaving a wet look/ultra shiny surface 

The wear rate on this tool is approximately 7,000 to 10,000 sqft and must be used dry. • 9-20 on RA is Medium to High polish
• 0-8 on RA is a Superior Polish.



Made with Patented Technology

At E2U, our continued product development is based on decades of on-site experience, therefore offering helpful practical advice and delivering economical solutions to fulfill the varied needs of our customers. A commitment to keeping right up with “state of the art” technology, places E2U as a market leader.


Have the reassurance you are dealing direct with the manufacturer, with a facility equipped with the latest technology. We are 100% USA owned and operated and are able to “tailor” formula to suit your specific needs.

All E2U products are manufactured and sourced to stringent quality control standards. Key E2U products undergo constant tests to improve the formulations to increase the performance of the products. This guarantees the quality of our products is up to the standard that customers expect when they see the E2U brand.

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